Exceptional Standards

Lori Garber


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Our Poodles are raised at our home, a ranch in California's Central Valley.  It is my deep admiration of the Standard Poodle that created a desire to promote it through breeding healthy, well built, sound Poodles.

A well bred Poodle should be planned for health, intelligence, confidence, beauty and affection.  When successful they make astounding companions, great athletes and service dogs.

I breed for the AKC Show dogs, as this is the continuation of selecting the best for breeding.  We first select based on pedigree and health history. The AKC ring evaluates the individual Poodle for conformation and temperament.  We also do needed health testing.

Our pups are our treasures, we care for them diligently.  Though they may all be very nice pups in a litter, I evaluate them to select any pups I choose to show. Then there is a selective process to select their new owners.

We are happy to have you email, call or visit the ranch.

About Ellgi's Poodles

If you have ever met a lovely Standard Poodle you understand my passion for them.